How to Find The Best Hardwood Floor Steam Vacuum

Hardwood Floor Steam CleanerAny home with hardwood floors have internal welcoming warmth, and always eye catching. Hardwood provides a natural beauty in your home since the floor is uniquely concrete free. However, this natural beauty requires careful maintenance through safe and preventive measures during cleaning.

You should use the right cleaner and tools recommended by a reliable manufacturer, or retailer. It’s advisable to purchase a steam cleaner that is safe for use on your hardwood floor. This can simply be achieved through wise choosing of the cleaner, and also getting advice on how to use it appropriately to avoid floor damage. Let’s look at some of useful things to consider when finding the best hardwood floor steam cleaner.

Choosing a Good Hardwood Floor Steam Vacuum

  1. When finding a steam vacuum, first identify the type that suits your need. For instance, you should be conversant with which type to choose depending on your need and ability to purchase. You can inquire from a friend or family relative before choosing. A good friend or relative will recommend the best type based on past experience.
  2. You should choose a cleaner that doesn’t leave any drop of hot water on the hardwood floor. Don’t forget that wood and water can never mix; water may damage the floor over time. Also, leaving wetness on the floor will prolong drying period. Therefore, it’s advisable to choose a cleaner that produces much less wet steam.
  3. Before you make a choice of the cleaner you need, consider its ability to lift during cleaning. Best cleaner will be easier to lift up when triggering the steam. Highly flexible cleaner will lessen cleaning time since it’ll be easy to trigger steam in the hose before it turns into water.

Features of a Good Cleaner

  1. You should choose a cleaner that provides easy cleaning especially when changing the cleaning cloth. It’s worth choosing a steam cleaner that can accept any type of cloth, other than cloths only made by the manufacturer. This will also cut costs of replacing the cloths.
  2. Before settling for a particular steam cleaner, consider the minimum temperature it heats up water. Best cleaner should have a minimum of 212 degrees Fahrenheit so that it maintains floor cloth dry even before changing the cloth.
  3. In families with kids, I may recommend a dry vapor machine for great results. Remember, kids will make the floor dirty with muddy paw prints, peanut butter, and such stuffs. A canister type is the best for such situations for best results.

Safe Cleaners For Hardwood Flooring

Before purchasing a steam vacuum, verify the manufacturer’s recommendation. Absoluteadt’s blog is a good place to find information about vacuum steam cleaners suitable for hardwood flooring. The following are types of best steam cleaners for removing micro allergens, foods particles and dirt:

  • White wing steamer – It’s best suitable for asthmatic people, allergic to chemicals and fumes. It’s a hot dry vapor steam cleaner
    that works without chemicals. It’s also useful in killing micro allergens such as bacteria on the wooden floor.
  • BISSELL steam mop – It’s a flexible steam cleaner with ease of use due to long cord that enables reaching all corners. It has a
    clear plastic filter which helps user to know when to change the cleaning cloth. It has two cleaning cloths in its
    pack, reducing costs of replacing cloths.
  • Sergeant steam – It’s a light weight steam cleaner, with only 15 pounds. It uses no chemicals, and it’s designed to clean using
    tap water. Therefore, it’s one of the cheapest steam cleaners to maintain since no costs incurred in cleaning

Unacceptable Products For Hardwood Cleaning

The following products are not recommended to use when cleaning hardwood floor:

  • Citrus and lemon products have burning effects on the floor finishing.
  • Water (moisture) has long term effect on the wood floor since moisture is trapped in the wood.
  • Ammonia, silicon, and concentrated vinegar products damages the floor’s finish.
  • Products containing oil soaps and wax will leave residue materials on the wooden floor.

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How to Choose a Good Handheld Vacuum

A handheld vacuum cleaner is a great tool to clean up small areas that have been messed up. They are light, versatile, and fast machines. They are also flexible and clean uneven surfaces such as car interiors, upholstery, cushions and furniture surfaces with much ease. There are several brands with a wide range of features in the market. Here is a guide to help you make an informed decision.

1. Cordless handheld vacuums or those with cords

Handheld vacuums are either cordless or come with cords. The cordless type is slightly smaller and comes with a charging base for its battery. They also come with a lower dust capacity than their corded counterparts. They are very versatile when it comes to cleaning surfaces away from the mains supply or hard to reach areas. However, they have a limited run time dependent on the battery life and have a smaller dust capacity.

Corded types will run as long as they are connected to a power outlet, but they have a limitation of how far they can be used. The cord may get in the way when trying to clean far-flung surfaces or awkward surfaces.

2. Suction power

It is necessary to ascertain the suction ability of your desired machine. Lower suction power means more cleaning time and poor results. Check on the power rating on the user’s guide before purchase. Vacuums that are more powerful are noisier. Thus, you may need to make a choice between performance and loudness.

3. Cleaning attachments

Get to know how the handheld vacuum cleans dirt as well as spills. Attachments like motorized brushes, flexible hose, crevice tool, soft brushes may come in handy when cleaning different surfaces and different types of dirt. Choose a model that accommodates as many attachments as possible.

4. Battery life

Since most handheld vacuums run on batteries, it is important to know how long it can run on full charge. Run time may vary from five minutes to over thirty minutes. Others come with both the battery and power cord. You may choose between the two depending on the surface you are to clean. Finally, look for a model that has a battery light indicator that shows you when the battery is running low.

5. Weight

Since you are buying a handheld vacuum cleaner for convenience, it weight and size is of much importance. Most brands vary in weight and size with many weighing between one and one and a half kilos. If you have a chance, please hold the vacuum cleaner and get to feel if it is comfortable when holding and using it.

6. Dust storage capacity

Handheld vacuum cleaners have smaller dust capacity than conventional vacuum cleaners. Most of them can hold between half a liter to a liter. Compare capacities if this feature is of much value to your choice.

7. Warranty and guarantee

A longer and less restrictive warranty is an indicator of a good product. Compare different warranty and guarantee statements from different manufacturers before purchase. It is also important to buy a brand which has readily available spare parts and repair centers.